Healthy You Challenge: Elimination Phase Meal Plan & Recipes (Week 1)

HYC_WhiteBoard_Week1_403x300The Spring 14-Day Healthy You! Challenge is just days away and I’m super excited to have you all joining me. I’ve mentioned it before, but I will be here for you through the entire 14 days (March 31 – April 13). Please do not hesitate to post questions or comments on the Healthy You Challenge event page or my main Facebook page. You can also ask questions and comment on Twitter by using #HealthyYouChallenge. Your questions and comments will help everyone along the way.

As we prepare for week 1, the Elimination Phase, I want to provide you with all the recipes for the first 7 days. Below please find the Elimination Phase meal plan and all accompanying recipes. Click here for a shopping list of all the items you’ll find in the Elimination Phase meal plan. I hope this helps with your planning and shopping.

I know that most, if not all, of us are extremely busy. Remember that the plan can be made flexible. Chapter 14: Be Realistic, gives tips for making the program work in any situation. If you don’t enjoy a certain food or meal, don’t eat it just because it’s on the plan. Pick another meal that you’ll enjoy—just make sure that you’re not adding back one of the eliminated foods. For example, if you don’t like cranberry and quinoa salad, you can have the brown rice pasta salad again.

Also, if you know you are going to have a busy day and there is no way you will be able to make dinner, make a double helping of lunch and have it again for dinner or make a double helping of dinner from the night before and have it again. I love the three bean salad—it’s one of my favorite recipes on the program—so I’ll make extra and eat it two days in a row for lunch or I’ll replace one of the dinners with it. (Make it once – eat it twice is my motto).

The program needs to be something that works for you. The flexibility allowed in the program should make this an easy program to follow. Not to mention the recipes are incredible! :)

Elimination Phase: Week 1 Meal Plan

Day 1 (Eliminated Items: Sugar):

Day 2 (Eliminated Items: Sugar and Wheat)

healthy yogurt snack

Snack: Fat-Free Vanilla Yogurt and 10 Almonds

Day 3 (Eliminated Items: Sugar, Wheat, Dairy)

super green juice

Breakfast: Super Green Juice

three bean salad

    Lunch: Three Bean Salad

apple snack

     Snack: Medium Apple or Pear

Day 4 (Eliminated Items: Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Highly Processed Foods)

Day 5 (Eliminated Items: Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Highly Processed Foods, Artificial Sweeteners)

Vegetarian Chili

         Lunch: Vegetarian Chili

Day 6 (Eliminated Items: Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Highly Processed Foods, Artificial Sweeteners, Red Meat)

Apple and Peanut Butter

Snack: Apple & 1 TBSP Natural Peanut Butter

Day 7 (Eliminated Items: Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Highly Processed Foods, Artificial Sweeteners, Red Meat, Alcohol)

Spring Healthy You! Challenge – Start Spring Leaner and Healthier

HYC Event Cover Photo_Pink_Spring2014

Spring is upon us and many of us want to start the season leaner and healthier.  We received an incredible response to the January challenge and you’ve said you want to do it again! The spring event is now open and I hope you will join me for another 14 days of clean eating. The online spring challenge will begin Monday, March 31st.  Click here and hit the ‘join’ button to sign up for free!

If your goal is to start the spring season leaner and healthier, the 14-Day Healthy You Challenge can help! By following the program in my new book, Healthy You!: 14 Days to Quick and Permanent Weight Loss and a Healthier, Happier You, together we can lose weight quickly and get on track to good health and long-lasting wellness.

Losing weight isn’t always a fun process but the Healthy You! program, with it’s easy-to-follow plan and accompanying recipes, can help you lose those unwanted pounds quickly and easily. The added support of doing the program with a group of people can also give you the added confidence and encouragement you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight in the process.

Starting Monday, March 31st, I will personally guide you through the 14-day Healthy You! program (as outlined in “Healthy You!“). The Spring Healthy You Challenge will be hosted on Facebook and Twitter, where I will be available to answer questions and provide you with motivation to help you achieve your weight loss and healthy eating goals.

Give me just two weeks and I’ll help you lose weight the quick and healthy way and ultimately achieve your goals for spring. Participants from the January challenge lost on average 6 to 14 pounds during the 14 days! Here is just some of the incredible praise we received from the 1,450+ participants that took part in the January challenge:

  • Day 10 of 14: “To date, I’m almost 10 lbs. down! Awesome! Thanks for all your support… I am loving how I feel! Thanks Dawna!!!” – Kim P
  • Day 7: “I’m down 5 pounds. But moreover, I am shocked at the changes in my body and skin. I feel great!” – Melissa C
  • “I am feeling more mindful and more aware of what I eat and looking forward to really eating clean. This program has given me a mind reset.” – Kareema S
  • “Today, day 4, I am down 6 lbs… thank you Dawna!” – Bonnie B
  • “Ready and so delighted with my week one results. Down 5 pounds and I definitely feel more energetic.” – Cindy R

Sign up now and go into the spring knowing that you’ll have the support and encouragement you need to start the season out right! I can’t wait to connect with you and help you reach your weight loss goals!

I hope you will join me on this two-week journey starting Monday, March 31st. I will provide you with enough information to follow along without purchasing a copy of the book but many people in past challenges found it helpful to follow along with the book. If you’d like to purchase one, you can do so at

For more details and to learn how to sign up, visit

I hope you’ll join me!

What are your healthy eating and/or weight loss goals for spring?

Mixed Herb and Frisée (Endive) Salad with Roasted Potatoes (Recipe by

HerbEndiveSaladRosemary, parsley, basil and mint – Wow! I love the combination of herbs in this “Healthy You!” approved Mixed Herb and Frisée (Endive) Salad with Roasted Potatoes by

Cooking with fresh herbs can add the perfect touch of aromas and flavors to a recipe. What’s your favorite herb to cook with?

Garlic-Basil Grilled Chicken with Caprese Salsa (Recipe from Sunset)

Chicken with Caprese SalsaThis Garlic-Basil Grilled Chicken with Caprese Salsa recipe is on the agenda for dinner. For an entirely “Healthy You!” approved meal, leave out the mozzarella balls!

Click here for this delicious and healthy recipe from Sunset.


Vegan Carrot-Ginger Soup (Recipe from

Carrot Ginger SoupI love a good soup on a cool or rainy spring day. This Warming Vegan Carrot-Ginger Soup featured on MindBodyGreen is simple and clean…and going on my must-make list.

Click here for the recipe.


Roasted Curry Salmon with Tomatoes

Roasted Curry SalmonTalk about easy! Check out this “Healthy You!” approved yummy Roasted Curry Salmon with Tomatoes by Real Simple. This meal has a hands-on/total cook time of 20 minutes. Yes, please!

What’s your favorite 20-minute meal?

Avocado Chicken Salad (Recipe from Cooking Light)

AvocadoChickenSalad_MyRecipesThis Avocado Chicken Salad recipe is fresh, full of flavor and “Healthy You!” approved! I would serve with wheat-free flax chips or brown rice crackers for a healthy twist! What would you pair with this Chicken Salad recipe?

Click here for the recipe from Cooking Light.

Trigger Foods – Are they Sabotaging Your Diet?

Chocolate Chip CookiesIt’s not always easy to change familiar eating habits. Most of us have a few foods that always seem to sabotage our diets. For me, it’s anything containing chocolate. I’ve learned from trial and er­ror—some big errors, might I add—about how to cope with my trigger foods and prevent them from ruining my well-in­tentioned habits.

Years ago, I read that the best way to regain self-control with a certain food was to keep an abundance in the house. The theory claimed that if you had several packages readi­ly available and didn’t declare any food forbidden, then you wouldn’t feel like you had to eat the entire portion in one sit­ting (since there would be more at your disposal to eat at any time). So I decided to give it a try.

The concept seemed to make sense, and the article touched precisely on the reason I often consumed an entire box at once. I always planned to start living healthily “tomorrow,” so I thought I had to overindulge before enforcing those limita­tions. To test the theory, I went out and bought three boxes of Double Stuf Oreos.

That night I enjoyed a few cookies before putting the first package back in the cupboard next to the other two. Imme­diately I thought, “Wow, this really works.” Yet a few minutes later, I returned to the cupboard for a couple cookies and then again for a few more. Before I knew it, I had finished the first bag and gotten into the next. I felt sick and utterly disgusted with myself. So much for their theory, I thought; it may work for some, but it definitely didn’t work for me. Over the years, I’ve tried this system several more times—each time with a different trigger food—and I always end up regretting the decision.

My philosophy on trigger foods is the following: if they’re around, you’re going to eat them. If they’re not around, you won’t. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods altogether; it just means that you should reserve them for special occasions and purchase them in moderation. If you are participating in the Healthy You Challenge, removing your trigger foods will set you up for success.

I encourage you to acknowledge which foods you tend to overeat, and take them out of your house and office for just 14 days. You can incorporate these foods back into your diet after the two weeks, as no foods are permanently banned.

Whether you’re doing the Healthy You Challenge or just want to eat a healthier diet, removing your trigger foods for just 14 days can help you learn how to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. I encourage you to identify which foods trigger you to overeat. For example, I can keep a gallon of my favorite ice cream in the freezer for months without overindulging; I sim­ply enjoy a scoop when I feel like it. But I can’t keep a bag of chocolate candies or chocolate chip cookies in the house without losing control. Identify your trigger foods today!

Once you’ve determined which unhealthy foods prompt you to overeat, remove them from your kitchen. You can bring them back into your house after 14 days. You’ll be amazed at how two weeks spent improving your eating habits can permanently alter the foods you crave and your ability to make better choices.


Pot-Roasted Artichokes (Recipe by BON APPÉTIT)

Pot Roasted ArtichokesWe are in peak season for artichokes (March through May)! Conveniently, artichokes can be prepared in numerous ways – you can bake, boil, microwave, steam or roast them. Although they may not be the easiest vegetable to make, artichokes are delicious and have a healthy dose of vitamin C, folate, potassium and fiber. Definitely a vegetable worth paying attention to and incorporating into your diet.

Do cook with artichokes? What’s your favorite way to prepare them? If you’ve never tried cooking with them before, here is a great “Healthy You!” approved Pot-Roasted Artichokes recipe by Bon Appetit to get you started.

Penne with Mixed Grilled Vegetables (Recipe by

Penne with Grilled Vegetables_HealthThis pasta dish will help you squeeze in your veggies at the end of the day. Use rice or quinoa pasta for a “Healthy You!” approved meal. As an added bonus, make extras so you have leftovers for lunch the next day!

Click here for the Penne with Mixed Grilled Vegetables recipe by