Healthy You Challenge Clean Phase Meal Plan & Recipes (Week 2)

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Congratulations! We are approaching the end of the Elimination Phase (week 1) and the beginning of the Clean Phase (week 2). That means we are at the halfway point of the 14-Day Healthy You Challenge! As we enter the next 7 days, please do not hesitate to post questions or comments on the event page or main Facebook page. Your questions and comments will continue to help everyone along the way.

The Clean Phase is a seven-day continuation of the final day of the Elimination Phase. During the Clean Phase, you will continue to eat a diet free of sugar, wheat, dairy, process foods, diet soda and artificial sweeteners, red meat and alcohol. That means that we are eating 100% clean this week.

During the week 1, you may have experienced symptoms of withdrawal. But don’t fret! The Clean Phase focuses on nourishing your body; during this phase, your body should start to feel lighter as excess weight comes off. You should begin to feel more balanced and alive. Your thoughts may become more clear and focused. You will likely feel more vibrant and energetic as you reach the end of the clean week. Although this week will likely prove the most challenging week, it will also be the most rewarding.

As we prepare for the Clean Phase, please find the meal plan and all accompanying recipes for this week below. Click here for a shopping list of all the items you’ll find in the Clean Phase meal plan. I hope this allows you to shop and plan for next week’s meals (days 8-14).

Clean Phase: Week 2 Meal Plan
(For days 8-14, continue to eliminate sugar, wheat, dairy, highly processed foods, diet sodas and artificial sweeteners, red meat, and alcohol)

Day 8:

Day 9:

Celery and Peanut Butter

Snack: Celery sticks and 1 Tbsp natural peanut butter

Day 10:

Lentil Salad

    Lunch: Lentil-Carrot Salad

handful grapes

     Snack: 1 cup red or green grapes

Agave Rosemary Chicken

Dinner: Rosemary Chicken and Wild Rice

Day 11:

6 thoughts on “Healthy You Challenge Clean Phase Meal Plan & Recipes (Week 2)”

  1. Hi Dawna!
    Can you please suggest possible alternatives for the crab cakes, scallops, and the crab stack also? Not much of a seafood lover besides shrimps and fish.

  2. Im very intrested in starting the program, I was just recently diagnosed pre diabetic.. I see there is alot of fish recipes on here, what can you substitute that with if you are allergic?

    1. Hi Emily: The program can easily work with a vegetarian diet. Just substitute other forms of protein for the chicken and seafood recipes. You can get the necessary protein from vegetarian sources like beans, tofu, quinoa, almond and soy milk, nuts and seeds, etc.

      Although the meal plans do include some meat and seafood, don’t let that deter you! I understand that circumstances are different for everyone, so I want people to realize that there is flexibility in the program in terms of what you eat. As long as you eat based on what is eliminated for each day, you will be great. For example, if we have meat or seafood scheduled for dinner one night, feel free to substitute it with one of the vegetarian recipes (that still follows the Healthy You! elimination plan). If one of the recipes is your favorite, go ahead and make extras so you can have it for lunch and dinner. As long as you follow the program instructions for what food item is eliminated each day, you can plan your recipes accordingly.

  3. All of the meals with seafood look fantastic, but I’m allergic to all seafood and shellfish. I’m bummed I won’t get to enjoy many of the recipes, but I’m going to change them slightly and have either a vegetarian version or just use chicken. Do you have a nice alternative for crab you could suggest (other than plain ol’ chicken)?

  4. OK……I have read ALL of the recipes and am very pleasantly surprised. You get to eat Real food ! The recipes sound very tasty and we are allowed to use seasonings and salt…..Wonderful……I think I can actually do this ! Now for the BIG question, I know this is very healthy but……WILL YOU LOSE WEIGHT on this diet ???

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