Angela A

“Loved it! Loved how simple and straight forward this book makes eating healthier and cleaner. I always wished there would be a simple healthy guide to eating right and this is it.”


“Awesome book! This is a great guide for balanced, healthy living and weight loss with modern everyday life in mind. Everything is practical and just makes sense!”

Jessica R

“I loved Dawna Stone’s approach to getting healthy! So easy to understand and follow. I love the plan and the recipes. I started last week and I’m already down 3 pounds. I highly recommend this book for anyone that is looking to change their lifestyle and start eating cleaner and healthier.”

Mitch F

“I love this book! It’s refreshing to read a weight loss book that not only gives you quick results but also is healthy and easy to follow. Some of the Healthy You! recipes have become our “go-to” healthy meals. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight or to anyone who just wants to eat healthier.”

Brent Ridge, M.D.

“As a physician, I know that the hardest step for any patient is the first one. In Healthy You!, Dawna serves as both kickstarter and health coach. Two weeks CAN change your life.” – Brent Ridge, M.D., Former Director of Clinical Strategy, Mount Sinai and current star of Cooking Channel’s The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Callie C, 30

“Thanks to Dawna Stone’s Healthy You! program I was able to reach a number on the scale that I haven’t seen in years! I simply can’t describe how GREAT I feel after being on the program for a full two weeks.”

Mary H, 57

“After reading Healthy You! I am more conscious of what and how I eat. I realize now how important it is to be attentive and make sure my diet is as balanced as my lifestyle. Since reading the book, I’ve lost 16 pounds and feel 10 years younger. I want to extend a big ‘THANK YOU”  to Dawna…this book changed my relationship with food and I’m never going back!”

Nathan C, 30

“After gaining 20 pounds over the last two years, I decided it was time to do something about it. Having never tried a weight loss program before, I was a bit skeptical; but after losing 10 pounds in just 5 days, I was sold!”

Kelly B, 37

“I lost 6 pounds in the first week of the program! My appetite has dramatically reduced and my sugar and salt cravings are gone! The program is so easy to follow and has been simple to incorporate it into my schedule and lifestyle.”

Matt D, 46

“In the past, I lost weight only to gain it back again and then some. It wasn’t until I tried the Healthy You! program that I was able to shed the pounds and keep them off. During the 14 days, I lost over 12 pounds and have not only kept the weight off for months but have continued to lose even more weight by following the principles of the program.”