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While there is no doubt that eating breakfast is important, what you eat for breakfast is a key component. I rarely miss a morning meal and neither do my kids. Although the kids eat a hearty meal in the morning, I find my body responds best to a small and healthy meal—a cup of organic granola cereal or muesli with almond milk, a cup of low fat or non fat greek yogurt and fresh fruit, or a fruit and vegetable juice (in the juicer). When I start the day with one of these options, I feel refreshed and ready for the day.

A typical breakfast in our house looks like this:

Energy-Packed Breakfast2_800x533

Some people may argue that they are too rushed in the morning to make breakfast and get out the door in time for work, school, etc. Others may argue that they skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight. Whatever the excuse or reasoning, I urge you to make time and give yourself a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. It will get your day started on the right foot by recharging your brain and body and allowing you to be more productive and efficient throughout the day.

With regard to weight loss, research shows that skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually cause weight gain! Focus on eating a small, healthy meal in the morning – you may find that this helps, rather than hinders, the weight loss battle.

Pressed for time in the morning? Here are a few tips for choosing a healthy, wholesome and fast breakfast:

  • Pack a brown bag breakfast the night before and take it with you
  • Make a smoothie the night before and freeze for morning
  • Eat cereal or yogurt for a fast morning option
  • Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier. How you feel throughout the day after a healthy breakfast is worth the 10 minutes!

Do you eat breakfast in the morning? Does it make a difference in your day? Do you have a favorite healthy breakfast you want to share?


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